Masai Culture

Maasai ​experience

Their colorful attire and their particular dances, undoubtedly attract the attention of any traveler who travels through southern Kenya or ventures to northern Tanzania, which is where they live, however, what brought us closer to them years ago, was their way of life, which has managed to endure over time.


The Masai were a warrior

The Masai were a warrior tribe and nowadays they are shepherds, so their livestock is the main source of food, since they consume meat, milk and even blood. Therefore, having animals is also a symbol of wealth and also benefits men when it comes to marriage.

In the past, a man had to hunt a lion with his hands to become an adult, but today this tradition no longer exists, out of respect and protection of the species.

Every time we go to Kenya

Every time we go to Kenya, we go to greet them and although we do not speak the same language, a smile is enough to communicate and enjoy a rich cultural exchange, which invites us to know much better the place we are gradually entering, as is the magical African savannah.